Project : Tops Plaza Phon

Client : บริษัท เซ็นทรัล ฟู้ด รีเทล จำกัด
Type : Retail
Area : 7,500 sq.m.
Status : Completed

Architectural Design : Oriental Studio
Interior Design : Oriental Studio
Graphic Design : Oriental Studio
Location : Khonkaen,Thailand
Photography : Rungkit Charoenwat

Mudmee silk is one of the most famous products in the North East
of Thailand. Mudmee silk is produced from high quality yarns which
are tied together and taken to dye color as well as to design.

Subsequently, it is weaved by traditional hand-operated loom.
Therefore, Mudmee silk is selected to be the main concept for a
new TOPS PLAZA mall, where is also located the North East of
Thailand. As for its architectural design, it is inspired from Mudmee
Village to create the building’s façade, strip and color.