Oriental Studio Won “Creative Space Design Contest 2018” by SCG at SCG Experience – CDC Bangkok.

Project : S2 Space

Client : SCG
Type : Design Competition
Area : 500 sq.m.
Status : Complete
Architectural Design : Oriental Studio
Location : OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb

SEAMLESS” is the starting point for developing a design concept
which taking inspiration idea from a remarkable material of
Polymer Cement Terrazzo. There are the amazing inspiration from
color and texture in physical appearance which lead us into an
Idea of “The eternity and Infinity of space” context.

“S2 SPACE” is the place where all
are differently located among each planet
in the galaxy to be the drop-in point
for space travelling. Also, to be the working
and researching area. Furthermore , to be
the rare mineral elements purchasing place.

Most of the time, travelling in the infinity space
from planet to another planets are limited by
the “TIME” and “DISTANCE” specification
and those are the reasons the wormhole is
a theoretical passage through space time
that could create shortcuts for long journeys
across the universe which later bring
the inspiration of “S2 SPACE” Architectural concept.